Make sure your keyword rich content is working as hard as it can by identifying page structural and content errors. Ready in just one business day your detailed report will cover:

Page speed

Page speed

Tags required to rank highly in search engines

Tags required to rank highly in search engines

Ideal length of content elements

Ideal length
of content elements

Pages errors and broken links

Pages errors
and broken links

Included is a prioritised list of the exact pages with issues and what needs addressing. With an error free website your pages will rank higher for your targeted keywords without having to produce any additional content. It can also assist in improving your Google Ads program.

How do I know if my ecommerce site is
working properly?

Getting started in ecommerce is very easy, especially if you are building on @Shopify and @BigCommerce platforms. However, sometimes you need the help of experts to check for technical issues or give you ideas to improve your results.

At Now Comms, we have put together an ecommerce audit which can review your ecommerce site and provide a report covering:

  1. Technical issues
  2. Meta data issues
  3. Warnings on where content length is too short or too long compared to best practice
  4. Suggestions on content/elements to add to improve SEO
  5. Areas to improve
  6. Areas to add more content

Click below to purchase the report. It’s a tiny investment which can unlock massive returns.

Check your site’s health today and start fixing the issues that are stopping your pages ranking where they should.


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