Now Comms is your expert partner.

Now Comms is proud to offer our services as a Big Commerce partner. Through our expertise and connections, we’re able to support businesses of all shapes and sizes to make a move to Big Commerce, from migration to deployment and implementation. If you’re considering using Big Commerce for your digital commerce webstore platform, we’re the team for you.

Why Big Commerce?

Big Commerce offers a versatile and effective solution for ecommerce, combining open-platform flexibility with powerful tools and functionality to help your business achieve growth. As official partners for Big Commerce, we know all the ins and outs of what this service can offer – and we’re well-placed to help your business make the transition. If you’re looking to focus on growth, drive online traffic and reach that target audience, then Big Commerce is the ideal tool for the job.

Now Comms supports your Big Commerce move.

Thanks to our extensive experience and knowledge of the ecommerce market, our team can facilitate and support your move to Big Commerce in several different ways. Our tailored end-to-end solutions are designed to suit your specific needs, requirements, and budget, so we can find a solution that works for just about any business. Here are the services we can offer to you as a Big Commerce partner:

Migration, deployment and implementation.

We can ensure a smooth and fast transition from your existing platform or set you up for success if you plan to create an ecommerce site from scratch. Whether you’re simply looking for input and advice or you want full management over your migration and implementation, we’re here to make the process as easy and convenient as possible from the very start.

App integration, plugins and marketplaces.

We have in-depth knowledge of the best apps and plugins for your individual business needs. We work with our clients on a case-by-case basis to implement a suite of integrations, plugins and more to suit their requirements. With Now Comms, there’s no such thing as a generic service.

Expert development every step of the way.

We offer UX and UI development to our clients, as well as design services to ensure their ecommerce platform is fully realised in every way. From your branding to your customer experience, we work with you to make your ecommerce site a success. We build on the foundations of Big Commerce to provide full development that suits your audience and brings in those all-important sales.

What else can Now Comms do?

Looking for an all-inclusive experience? Our team at Now Comms may specialise in Big Commerce, but we can do far more. We provide an end-to-end solution for many of our customers, delivering everything from pre-platform insight to optimisation and management of existing platforms. If you’re looking for an expert service that goes above and beyond, we tick all the boxes. Here’s what we could offer your eCommerce business:

Strategy and consulting.

We work with our clients from the start to help them get their businesses off on the right foot with our strategy and consulting expertise.

Digital marketing services.

Our digital marketing services cover all the key activities you need to drive your online sales – strategy, social media marketing, email marketing, SEM, SEO, onsite conversion, and analytics & reporting. So whether you’re looking to reach new audiences, increase your sales or create brand awareness, we can support you in reaching your goals.