Will you be tomorrow? relevant
It’s a different game.
Let’s have a different conversation.

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“The traditional approaches are now obsolete. One hundred years of marketing thoughts are gone.”
Seth Godin
Purple Cow

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Now comms group

Marketing, Communications, Activations.

Making brands relevant tomorrow.

A different approach

Delivery channels have changed, technology is changing behaviours,
and data is expanding the possibilities of marketing.

To remain relevant, brands need to shift from mass to contextual marketing.

How we engage today’s audiences requires a different approach.

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A game-changing sales & marketing planning framework to ensure you stay relevant.

Engage your consumers, shoppers and customers in today’s data-driven, technology enabled, and digitally connected world.

It begins with our proprietary end-to-end Thought to Bought™ model.

Robust. Modular. Adaptable. Powerful.

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We have two Thought to Bought™ workshops which can be tailored to your needs:

Workshop 1: For CMOs and Senior Sales & Marketing Executives
Transform your future marketing organisation capabilities and stay ahead of the game.

Workshop 2: For Brand, Category, Shopper & Sales Teams
We guide your teams to plan and develop more engaging and contextual marketing activities.

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It’s a team sport these days.

We partner with the industry thought leaders, so you don’t have to.
Simplifying the complex to make it easy and cost-efficient,
we take on tomorrow’s challenges.
Together, we’ll work to keep you relevant.

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Stay ahead of the game.

Wherever you are on the marketing journey, Now Comms Group provides
expert marketing, communications and activation services.

We keep you in front and connected with your consumers, shoppers
and customers.


Meet our top team

Kingston Lee-Young

Managing Director
and Founder

Kevin Moore

and Retail Expert

Kristen Millgate

Business Director

Allison Ross

Business Director

Carlos Silva

Head of Creative Services

Noel Santos

Creative Lead

Leslie Hayden

PR & Comms Strategist

Matt Rowley

Engagement Director
& MD Thirteenth Floor
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A history of getting it right.
We’re proud to have played a role in the success for our clientele.

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New, Next & Relevant.

Fast broadband set to ‘flip’ lounge rooms into classrooms

This article is taken from nbn Co.

Digital disruption in education ‘flipping’ the way kids will learn in the future. They will be learning at home and online, with the classroom a place to discuss and explore understanding of ideas. Parents, teachers and educators take note, we must evolve with the times. 

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FMCG marketing – Buy in or fall out

It’s old news that we’re living in a new digital world. As marketers, we can hardly keep pace with technology’s speedy innovations and their rapidly evolving improvements.

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Yes, there is a war on advertising. Now what?

Apple has been scaring up apocalyptic predictions for the future of advertising ever since it said its forthcoming mobile operating system would make it easier for apps to block ads in Safari browsers on the iPhone.

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National brands still pull shoppers into store

The original article featured in Inside FMCG on August 25th: http://bit.ly/1hSOcx9

In the 1970s and 1980s Sam Walton used to gate crash supplier meetings between his buyers and the salesmen.

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